Operation Impact

Staffordshire Police today launched Operation Impact, the force wide approach to tackle serious acquisitive crime and bring those criminals associated to justice.

Staffordshire Police has already re-focused its efforts in tackling serious acquisitive crime, in the first half of this year (April to Sept) offences have fallen by 367, a fall of 8% with overall crime falling by nearly 10% across the force.

Six days of action will follow across Staffordshire and the City, starting on Monday 31 October through until Saturday 5 November.

I’m looking forward to some really good results as we work proactively across the County and Stoke-on-Trent to target criminals, detect and reduce crime and make our communities feel safe.

We will also be working with partners, colleagues from education, social services and road crime teams to deal with a variety of offences and issues such as anti-social behaviour and truancy to non-insured vehicles.

Whilst acquisitive crime rates are falling across Staffordshire and the City, we are not complacent, and it remains a priority for ourselves and our partners to tackle the issue by bringing offenders to justice.

During the week long operation there will be regular updates publicising the week’s activity through the force website, media and social media to allow members of the public to access updates of the action.

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