I was working at my till when the person arrived with two children. The individual was exhausted and fatigued was etched into the face. They were very tired and told me that they were unable to sleep. They had tried all the remedies such as lavender on the pillow, not drink caffeine and exercises. The real problem was the atmosphere at work. They worked in a big NHS building project in North Staffs. The atmosphere was terribly bullying. People were yelled at for getting the tiniest thing wrong, The CMT were the worst behaved and the men and the women were equally badly behaved.

Bullying at work seems to be endemic. My partner in a catering post at Kerrygold equally had a bad time and it had a very damaging impact on our relationship as she suffered from insomnia and became very angry. She eventually left after a few months of this ordeal.

I gather from one and two sources that the atmosphere at the City Council is equally poisonous. I am told that no dissent is countenanced and the working environment is not a healthy one.

This seems to fall into a national pattern according to the recruitment agency Monster
Britons are among the world’s most bullied workers, with seven in 10 admitting to being bullied by bosses or colleagues.

A survey by recruitment company recently questioning 16,517 workers in 53 countries, discovered a quarter of Britons find the bullying and cruel jibes so upsetting it dramatically affects their performance at work.

Some 10% admitted they had even been physically attacked in the workplace.

The research also found that our European counterparts also suffer badly from workplace bullying, with a staggering 83% claiming to be victims of physical or emotional bullying at work at some point in their career.

This compares to 65% of bullied Americans and 55% of harrassed Asian workers.

The survey also discovered that Spanish workers are most likely to be physically attacked while sensitive Dutch workers are the most likely to shed a tear due to work bullying.

Belgium had the lowest rate of workplace bullying, with 38%

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