I’m joining the BNP today…Not!!

Well, It’s official, the BNP are prepared to let me join their party. I must rush out and get signed up…NOT! The wholeidea of forcing the BNP to accept ethnic minorities into it’s ranks is just a legal technicality designed to make humiliate the BNP. For years they have had an openly racist policy regarding membership and this whole threat of injunction is jut a slap in their face.

There are of course, a few black and Asian people who may agree with some of the policies of the BNP, I am one of them in fact, please notice I said "SOME". That said though, what exactly will change?

The BNP will decry this as proof that "we are not racist". Yet, ask yourself this…How many black and Asian people will actually join? You’d have to be reckless or crazy. As a non white Briton, I wouldn’t want the BNP knowing my name address , phone number and email.Their "representatives" would eventually come calling in the middle of the night, just for a cup of tea, I’m sure. 

What black or Asian person is going to subscribe to the BNP’s assertion that black and Asian people can never truly be British? I get the BNP’s point about non whites not being ethnically British but surely a black or Asian person can have British values, and British culture as well as being civicly British?

Let’s look at this assertion, to what extent is someone ethnically British? My mother was born in England, from Irish Parents, My Father was Jamaican. I was born in England, so what does that make me? Jamaican, Irish or English?

My Daughter was born in England and her mother is English, after doing a bit of Family Tree research we found that her family may have come to Britain around the time of the French revolution. So, is my daughters identity British? English, french, jamaican or Irish? she’s 3/4 white. Is she more French than English Or more Jamaican because she has slightly Brown skin?

Does someone who’s family traces their ancestry back to the 14th Century stop being British because they had a Dutch grandmother? <p>Anyway I digress, the whole Idea of being ethnically British is a nonsense. Another good example If the BNP do as they say they will, and look first to those who they consider to be ethnically British before any other citizens, then that means the children of any non white members will surely suffer under the tenure of a BNP government or council?

The British National Party exists to secure a future for the indigenous peoples of these islands in the North Atlantic which have been our homeland for millennia. We use the term indigenous to describe the people whose ancestors were the earliest settlers here after the last great Ice Age and which have been complemented by the historic migrations from mainland Europe. The migrations of the Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Danes, Norse and closely related kindred peoples…..
BNP Mission statement.

Getting back to who would join the BNP their record on race issues should be enough to un-nerve any minority group that the BNP has done nothing more than put a pig in a suit. The same people who were spouting racist bile on the NF demos of the 70’s and 80’s are the same people who are now calling themselves MEP’s.
Andrew Brons MEP , Nick Griffin MEP

It will be interesting to see if the BNP get flooded out out with ethnic minority members or whether their rule change makes absolutely no difference to their ethnic makeup. I suspect the latter. It would be rather amusing to think though that the BNP Bradford group could open its doors on a Friday night and have 500 Asian members voting down every motion and amendment.

Future BNP meetings could they look like this?

During their Announcement last week, the BNP ejected Times journalist Dominic Kennedy. Mr Kennedy said he had been invited to the meeting by party officials, but on arrival had been confronted by senior BNP member Richard Barnbrook, who is also a London Assembly member. Nick Griffin made me laugh out-loud yesterday because his quote showed what was really on his mind and what his policy on immigration really refects. "He refused to leave when he was asked so he had to be encouraged to leave,"
Nick Griffin, BNP Leader.

 BNP immigration policy:

..the introduction of a system of voluntary resettlement whereby those immigrants who are legally here will be afforded the opportunity to return to their lands of ethnic origin