Consultation for Bus Re-routing in Hanley begins

Public consultation on changes to the bus routing in Hanley appears to have begun.

Although there has been no official public announcement about this from Stoke-on-Trent City Council yet, the web page on the council website appears to have been updated on Monday.

It was proposed at the December Cabinet meeting, that public consultation should take place in January & February 2012, with the detailed design phase taking place between February & April in order for the final proposals to be presented to the April Cabinet meeting.

The consultation covers in-bound and out-bound bus routes for the new John Street bus station as well as substantial changes to the traffic flow on roads in the city centre.

According to the agenda pack for the December Cabinet meeting the public consultation will involve a leaflet drop to every address in and adjacent to the city centre as well as a public exhibition of the proposals.

You can view the councils consultation page and the Cabinet meeting agenda item using the links below.

Council Consult Over Disabled Bus Passes

Stoke-on-Trent City Council began a consultation process to look at the ways the city council allows disabled residents to apply for a bus pass this week.

The consultation started on Monday 14 June and run for 11 weeks, ending Tuesday 31 August. Consultation is being conducted with six disabled charities and over 200 disabled pass holders off the city council database. The reason for the consultation is to improve the current system to make sure that only residents who qualify for a bus pass receive one and would allow all disabled pass holders to have a pass for three years rather than one.

The new process would not affect those people who automatically qualify, but those who would apply for a pass using a medical recommendation form. It would not allow people to give their doctor a medical recommendation form to sign if they do not automatically qualify for a bus pass.

Residents who automatically qualify for a disabled bus pass are those who can provide one or more of the following documents:

  • BD8 or CVI form
  • Registration with sensory loss team
  • Registration with social services as having a learning disability
  • Higher rate DLA for help with getting around
  • War pensioners mobility supplement
  • Letter from DVLA

The new process would allow people to bring in other documents as proof of their disability that they cannot use at present. The process would still allow those people who do not have other documentation to apply for a pass by giving the city council permission to contact their doctor about their disability.

Councillor Brian Ward, cabinet member for housing, planning and transportation, said: ‘The consultation process is a vital part in making sure that the plans the city council have put together meet the needs of the public. By getting views from people who will actually feel the affects, we can make sure that the changes will serve the community in the best possible way.’

Residents who want further information or a copy of the consultation and feedback form can contact the:

Concessionary Fares Scheme Officer,
Passenger Transport,
Civic Centre,
Glebe Street,

telephone 01782 235995

or go to the city council’s website.