Berryhill & Hanley East Candidate Chances Hit By Late Changes In Electoral Guidance.

Press Release

Due to a late notification in electoral guidance, a City Councillor will be handicapped with his hopes to seek re-election.

Adrian Knapper who represents the Berryhill and Hanley East Ward had submitted his nomination paper on time with the City Council Election Office with the intention of standing under the dual banner of two political parties ““ The Labour Party and The Co-operative Party who have a longstanding arrangement of working together.

The nomination were accepted and in previous years the procedure was that the wording ‘The Labour and Co-operative Party Candidate’ would be printed on the ballot paper along with the traditional ‘Labour Rose Emblem.’

Due to guidance issued to the City Council Election Office and because of an error the Electoral Commission have just discovered in changes it made to legislation (the Political Parties, Elections and Referendums Act) the names of candidates who stand in local elections under a joint party candidates will not be allowed to use a party logo displayed against their name.

Mr Knapper said

“I have been informed by the election office at the City Council that I will not be allowed to have the Labour Rose Logo by my name on the ballot paper.”

“This may cause some confusion for members of the Public who are looking to vote for me, as the Labour Candidate.”

Unfortunately, the situation cannot be changed as the Electoral Commission discovered their error after the deadline for the submission of nomination forms. This was the fault of officials at the Ministry of Justice who drafted changes to section 28B of the legislation and the Electoral Commission who failed to spot the problem until the latter part of last week. (Thursday 14th April 2010.)

Adrian Knapper added:

“My name will remain on the ballot paper.”

“I am deeply disappointed that late changes of guidance rules prevent me from having the Labour Logo on the ballot paper, but I remain the official candidate for the Labour Party in the local elections.”

The description of the Political organisations of both the Labour and Co-operative Party is a clear indication of Adrian Knapper strong values and principles of being a candidate who wants to work to improve the quality of life for all within the City of Stoke-on-Trent.


adrian2Following on from his article yesterday, Cllr Adrian Knapper shares his vision on the future for the City ‘Park and Ride’ scheme.

City Centre Park and Ride

Need for a better service.

“Hinde Street is the location for the City Centre Park and Ride site.  It is well signposted as you approach the city centre – Hanley.

There is no dedicated service, but a number of different bus services provide a frequent link to the city centre. All services through the site operate direct to the city centre.

All services return to the Park and Ride site from Stop A at Albion Square in the city centre (next to Hanley Town Hall).

Councillor Adrian Knapper points out that the problem with current scheme is that it’s located to near the City Centre with no direct bus services.

If you drive to the current location, you might as well just drive a bit further to one of the surface or multi-storey car parks that serve the City Centre.

In the past the question was raised to locate a new Park and Ride site at Bucknall, located off the planned Bentilee Link Road.

Being a local ward Councillor for this area, Adrian Knapper is on public record that this location would also prove to be the wrong location because of the fact that it’s far to near the City Centre and to get to the planned location you will have to drive to it via Lime Kiln or Joiner Square traffic junctions, two of the most congested junctions within the City.

The other problem is that in order for the land to become available the Bentilee Link Road needs to be open and it would cost the city council a small fortune to buy the land.

In fact if this land was made available, Councillor Adrian Knapper would prefer the site to be turned into an open public space with selective executive homes being built within the heart of the City, allowing people more leisure access to the River Trent and homes being built within a greener environment.

With regards the future of any park and ride scheme in the City, the first thing is to determine who will use it. The clear answer is people who travel into the City Centre who live outside the local authority boundaries.

A park and ride must be located to intercept travelers prior to hitting the cities roads.

Councillor Knapper would prefer these to be located at Festival Park and/or Trentham Lakes being integrated into the planned new “ËœSTREETCAR’ service that will provide dedicated express routes for public transport across North Staffordshire.

The problem is that a park and ride system will not be developed until after 2014, due to the lack of funding.

When it arrives the City Councillors at that time need to look beyond just a means of transport, but link it to a possible tourist attraction.

Councillor Adrian Knapper personal private view is that the City would benefit from a cable car linking a park and ride site at Festive Park to the City Centre with maybe the potential of a steam train link back down using the old loop line via Etruria.

It’s clear that if the City is to prosper, the City needs to be creative to encourage more people to visit North Staffordshire.

Integral to any regeneration or transformation must be a vision to improve transport and make Stoke a better place for all.”

Adrian Knapper

Labour & Co-operative Party Councillor

Berryhill & Hanley East Ward

Pitsnpots again thanks Adrian for using this forum to communicate with the electorate in our city.
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adrian1As promised, another prominent City Councillor Adrian Knapper joins the growing number of political figures contributing to the No1 debating blog in our city, pitsnpots!

Here Adrian tells us about the revolutionary plans to overhaul the Public Transport Infrastructure in our City!…………………………..

STREETCAR ““ Better Public Transport Planned

“North Staffordshire needs an improved public transport network to encourage more people to use cleaner greener methods of travel.

It’s recognised that a tram or light rail system would not provide flexibility or cost effectiveness to respond to the emerging transformation and regeneration of the region.

Analysis of transport needs has led the potential for two new bus rapid transit (BRT) routes that would serve the City Centre and reach out linking residential areas. The concept will become recognised as “ËœSTREETCAR’

Planned route will improve links by public transport from locations in which people live to areas in which new jobs and regeneration are planed for the region.

Routes will link the City Centre, Staffordshire University, Stoke Railway Station and Stoke Town Centre to Keel University, Newcastle town centre and the University Hospital in the West, with links from the City Centre to Burslem, Tunstall and Kidsgrove in the North. Another route will link Festival Park to Longton and the Meir, with potential connections to the new employment opportunities at Trentham lakes.

Councillor Knapper points out that this new network of high quality improved transport public transport (BRT) is at an early stage of planning, but it’s important that the area has quality transport that runs smoothly.

Central to the transformation of North Staffordshire and its regeneration is an Integrated Transport Package that includes the Streetcar project, a new City Centre Public Transport Interchange (Bus Station) and Trunk Road Improvements that are hoped will help  the objective of reducing traffic congestion and encouraging more people to use reliable public transport.”

Adrian Knapper

Labour & Co-operative Party Councillor

Berryhill & Hanley East Ward
Stoke-on-Trent City Council.

Pitsnpots thanks Cllr Knapper for sharing this information with us. It is refreshing to highlight some of the good practise that goes on in our City for a change.

Over to you….. What do you think about the “Streetcar” idea?……………..