Show The Lord Mayor Your Label For Fairtrade

The Lord Mayor of Stoke-on-Trent will show off his label as he hosts an event to kick off the 2011 Fairtrade Fortnight.

The Lord Mayor, councillor Denver Tolley, patron of the City’s Fairtrade group, will welcome guests to an evening of short, informative films combined with opportunities to make comments and ask questions. The event takes place on Monday February 14, 2011. A young person’s choir will also perform a selection of songs.

The Fairtrade Fortnight theme this year is Show Off Your Label. The aim is to explain to people just how important Fairtrade is for the producers. A particular emphasis will be on the importance of Fairtrade for cotton farmers in West Africa where 40% of the world’s cotton is grown.

“This event allows us to show the city council’s support for an issue that affects so many people. I want to see as many people as possible support this worthwhile cause and show off their label not just now, but also continued into the future.”
“Fairtrade Fortnight is a way of gaining publicity for what we all know is a major global issue. People in some to the poorest areas across the world rely on the little money they make just to make ends meet so it is only right that we pay them a fair amount for their hard work and hopefully help to improve their standard of life.”

Fairtrade Fortnight starts nationwide on Monday February 28 and lasts until Sunday March 13, 2011.

To reserve a seat for the evening contact the Lord Mayor’s secretary on 01782 232625. The evening starts at 7pm, in the Forum Theatre of The Potteries Museum & Art Gallery, with light Fairtrade refreshments.

NSAC Challenge Councillors To Oppose Sackings & Cuts

A community protest group is calling on local councillors in North Staffordshire to voice their opposition to cuts of around £40million which will ultimately lead to hundreds of public sector jobs cuts.

North Staffs Against Cuts is working in conjunction with North Staffs Trade Union Council.

Together they are campaigning against any cut, or the loss of a single job and the withdrawal of any benefit. They believe that the banking industry should be held accountable for the financial crisis that brought the severest recession in living history.

They are calling for all elected representatives in the area to acknowledge their duty to protect the interests of the people who they serve.

”Instead of councillors sitting in rooms planning out who they can sack and what they can cut, close or privatise, shouldn’t they be spending their time building opposition to these cuts which will have a devastating impact on ordinary people across our area?

North Staffs Against Cuts will be planning how to build massive opposition against all cuts at our conference on Wednesday 26 January.”

The conference is organised by North Staffs Against Cuts (NSAC)and will be held at the Forum Theatre, Hanley Museum, on Wednesday 26th January commencing at 7pm.

The organisers have invited speakers from various local anti-cuts groups and trade unions and invite everyone who is opposed to the cuts, job losses and alterations to the benefit system to attend.

Big A Debate – Your Last Chance!

The last few tickets are available for sale for tomorrow’s Big A debate on the miners strike of the 80’s.

Tomorrow evening sees a charity “Question Time” style debate discussing The Strike, but, more importantly, its national legacy. This takes place at The Forum Theatre, in Hanley, between 7.00 – 9.30pm (as an aside, the 3rd marks the exact 25th anniversary of the formal ending of The Strike).

Panellists include: George Galloway MP, Edwina Currie, the film director Ken Loach (Kes, Cathy Come Home), Mark Fisher MP and Mike Nattrass MEP and we’re accepting questions now to be presented to the panel on the evening.

This event and is to be filmed and will also be covered on Pits n Pots using the cover it live software that was used so successfully to cover the EDL rally.

Listen to the Audio Interview below with Alan Gerrard one of the event organisers.