500 Word From Mark Wright

My name is Mark Wright, I’m 24 and I’m currently a councillor in the Hanford
and Tentham ward, where I’m standing for re-election. I have always lived
in Trentham, I attended the local schools and am a member of the local Rugby
club. I have recently purchased a property in the area, and intend on
staying here as I enjoy living in Trentham so much, which is why I want to
help represent and further increase the development of our area. I have a
passion for this ward and want it to continue to be the flagship

In May 2010 I was elected for a one year term of office as councillor for
the Hanford and Trentham ward, and this year in the role has given me an
insight into how the Council functions and will allow me to represent you
with knowledge of the role and an understanding of how to get action in all
areas of the ward.

If re-elected for a full term I would continue the work already underway
around the ward, building greater relationships with Residents Associations,
action groups, learning and social groups, youth groups and of course you
the residents. There have been some great leaps forward in our ward with
regards to the reduction of anti social behaviour, it generally being a
cleaner and greener ward, and highways repairs. I will continue to fight for
services within the ward and push hard for a fair deal for our neighbourhood
as I have done in the past year.

I would love the chance and challenge of being re-elected on to Stoke on
Trent City Council and would be proud to represent the residents of the
Hanford and Trentham ward again.

500 Words – Mark Wright The Conservative Party Candidate for Trentham & Hanford

**Archive Story From 2010 Election**

My name’s Mark Wright, and I’m the Conservative Party candidate for Trentham and Hanford.

I have lived in Trentham all of my life and I’m passionate about my community. I attended the local schools and am now involved with the local rugby club. I have played at Trentham RUFC for the last 3 years – having played for a bit at Colts level, I now play regularly for the 2nd team and really enjoy the team effort and the sense of camaraderie. I’ve worked in retail since I left school, and am now a team leader for a major high street retailer. I enjoy working with people, solving problems and providing solutions, and I also enjoy working with colleagues to their best of our ability, to provide the service our clients require. All these are valuable attributes that I think people expect from their councillor and that I hope to bring in serving my community to the best of my ability all the time.

I’m incredibly proud of Trentham and Hanford and that is why I am asking the people for this chance to represent them. Growing up in Trentham and living in this area I feel that I understand well the ways that Trentham and Hanford has developed and want to be a part of the further enhancement of the area. I would provide a strong voice on the Council and would fight for the people of Trentham and Hanford.

If elected my aim is to be there for my residents and be a voice for them,

I will be hands on and committed.

I will give people the chance to voice issues at a monthly drop-in session,

I will act on all issues brought up and always provide direct feedback.

I will also work with community groups , making myself visible and approachable within in the community.

I will push for continuous maintenance of our highways and pathways.

As well as representing your interests in the Council, I also want to help make our Council more resident friendly. We need to work hard to win back people’s trust and I will push for the Council to be more open in its financial affairs.

As a member of this community I know that more needs to be done, the people of Trentham and Hanford deserve more, that’s why I hope that the people will turn out and support me on May 6th.