Girls Night Out At The Regent

Girls’ Night Out is a brand new production of Dave Simpson’s phenomenally successful play, touring UK venues during the summer of 2010. It plays at The Regent Theatre between Tuesday 13 & Saturday 17 July, bringing a night of fun entertainment to women of all ages during our troubled times.

It is a revival of the very successful play that toured the UK ten years ago, now in a brand new production, rewritten for our times.

Girls’ Night Out is a story of love, laughter and men in thongs, together with a great pop soundtrack that will have you dancing in the aisles. Jane is preparing for the biggest day of her life and that wouldn’t be complete without a traditional hen night with the girls. Meanwhile Tony and the boys are putting together the final touches of their make or break ladies only show. Both funny and touching, we follow the boys from rehearsals to performance, as they prepare for the forthcoming “ËœFeast of Flesh’ contest, which could turn them from has-beens to heroes overnight.

The production features a cast of talented young actors including Amanda Bellamy, Harry Capehorn, Danielle Corlass, Shirley Darroch, Rachael McGuinness, Joe Ransom, Ian Sharp, Bethany Turner, Mark Willshire and Owen Woodgate.

Spring Season At Regent Theatre And Victoria Halls.

With Dick Whittington covering the next few weeks until Jan 10th, lets look at what shows are on there way to the city in the New Year.
Mr. Wilkes had better be out of the Regent sharpish like as the Russian State Ballet with the Orchestra of Siberia are booked for two nights in mid January. The 13th sees them get on there toes with Sleeping Beauty, the next night they are going to give us the Nutcracker.
The next night, Friday 15th sees the man behind the smile Count Arthur Strong bring his sell out tour of his Sony Award Winning Radio 4 Show to the stage- never heard of him myself but there you go.
Saturday 16th January brings Queen and ELO to the Regent, well tribute’s to them anyway before Dance 010, DecaDance, open up on the 21st for a 10 night stint. This seems a big one with 90 dance companies trip out no less then 250 new works with around 2000 dancers giving it some. The last show is on 30th January.
After that it’s a bit more relaxed as the Rat Pack of Frank, Sammy and Dean come live from Las Vegas, that’s more me. It runs from 2nd February until the 6th, and should be good.
Monday 8th and Tuesday 9th sees the Opera della Luna blast out Die Fledermaus before the Most Haunted- Live team try to scare the living daylights out of us all for a one night stand on the 11th. I’ll admit it, I’m not at all into this sort of old thing, load of old trip if you ask me. Most Haunted that is, not Die Fledermaus, I’m up for that.
Anyway Yvette Fielding and other strange ones soon clear off, making way for Rapier Wit, or just old shock monster, Jimmy Carr to offend everyone again on Saturday 13th, bit of a strange week there me thinks.
The week of the 15th to the 20th of February its back to the Ballet, with Swan Lake, Matthew Bourne’s 1995 interpretation, so if you after seeing a few lady dancers in there two-two, don’t bother, its all male.
Monday 22nd sees the Regent play home to Richard Hannay as The 39 Steps starts a run until Saturday 27th. Given Olivier and Tony Awards for Comedy, a cast of four actors play 139 roles, now that should be something to see.
Monday 1st March sees a very funny man on stage, Mock the Weeks Dara O’Briain, now he is good. The next night, 2nd March its Bjorn Again, 2010, Hear we go again, if you have to. Sorry but my loathing of Abba hold no bounds. The 3rd sees Cuba come to Hanley, Passion de Buena Vista, that’s more me. The rest of the week we have the Moscow State Circus doing there bit. Jugglers, Trapeze Artists. Acrobats and other acts attempt to entertain, or visit A and E.
We have the King and I from the 10th to 13th of March, so we can all Whistle a Happy Tune and ask the question, Shall We Dance.
After that from the 17th to the 21st March, A and E is put on red alert again, its Snow White on Ice, the way the weathers going, they may even hold it outside, its bitter tonight.
Alan Bennett’s History Boys is staged from the 22nd March until the 27th. That’s good you now. The 30th March to 3rd April bring Georges Marvellous Medicine by Roald Dahl. There are afternoon shows of this one for the kids.
After this its back to the dance with Angela Beardmore’s School Of Dance with the Performing Arts And Studio One giving us Dynamics from the 14th March to 17th. A very local show by the looks of it , full of good local kids giving there all, good on them. The week after from 22nd to24th we get Tap Dance Fever.
After this we have the big one rounding off the season, Monday 26th April sees a one week run, until 1st May, of one of my favourite Stage Shows, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. Close Every Door To Me, the heating’s on, and I’m not made of money.
Anyway Looking ahead, a few other shows have been booked. We have on 3 day run for Derren Brown with Enigma, if you like that kind of thing.
Robbie Williams, don’t all rush at once, an impersonator named JK, plays the Regent on 5th June.
And next October 10th, look out, it’s the Armstrong and Miller Live stage show, now that’s something to keep you going.
So its over the road to the Victoria Hall, and more dance starts off the New Year there to, with 16th January seeing Raw Energy 2012. This show will showcase dance companies in the West Midlands.
January 30th sees Stephen K Amos bring his “ËœFeelgood Factor’ tour to Hanley. Then The Snow Queen comes to the Halls on 15th February. The snow Queen herself will be played by ex-crossroads star Jane Rossington, so there may be more setting fire to motels then kidnapping orphans going on there.
Paul Carrack, the voice of Ace and Mike and the Mechanics gigs on the 19th February. Ocean Colour Scene promote new album “ËœRockfield’ on 24th.
A day later fans of Ballroom Dancing descend on the Halls, the wife and the mother in law included to witness Anton de Whatshisface and Erin Thingy do god knows what. I brought them the tickets as a Xmas treat, I think the Mother in law will be over the moon, don’t know about the wife, I’ll report back.
The Day of the Dead show on the 27th seems good with the promises of the Halls being transformed into an Aztec Warrior burial ground.
March kicks off well and Lee Mack tips up the 5th .US rockers Trivium turning up to thrash away on the 7th. Now these lads are good, they have been named Best Live Act by Metal Hammer.
Charles Ross brings his One Man Lord Of The Rings show to the stage on the 10th, lets wish him luck. Matt Monro Jnr sings for his fathers fans on the 12th, and I hear that there is a discount for retirement home parties- only joking.
The Bootleg Beatles do what they do best, rip off the Beatles on the 14th March and Psychic Tony Stockwell gets up to trying to contact the dead on the 17th. He be better of trying to contact his bank manager, at £18 a pop, he stands to make a killing.
Dave Gorman a fine stand up and he plays the halls on the 18th March. Bobby Davro reminds us of Morecambe and Wise on the 20th.
That’ll Be The Day brings hits of the 50s, 60s and 70s to life in a new show on the 1st April.
7th April sees Rood Gilbert show off his Cat Who Looks Like Nicholas Lyndhurst, the poor thing. 29th April gets the Good Old Days with Stu Francis, without his Crackerjack Pencil.
Looking ahead we get Reginald D Hunter on the 2nd May and Paul Merton on the 15th May. Derek Acorah gets up to his old stuff, yes, contacting the dead, on the 20th May. Jane McDonald sing, I think, for us on the 23rd June and Jason Manford gets let off panel show recording for 2 shows on the 14 and 15th July.
For them who like to see men fight, but want to see it on a Saturday night, not a Friday, the Wrestling shows are on 23rd Jan, 29th Feb, 6th Mar and 27th Mar, enjoy.
Happy bloody Xmas from the Den.