West Enders Set For Life of Luxury at New Extra Care Village

A state of the art extra care housing complex in Stoke Town which has been developed by Staffordshire Housing Association to provide high quality homes for older Stoke-on-Trent residents is now complete.

The first residents have just moved into West End Village, and others will move in throughout January and February.

The complex has been designed by Stoke-on-Trent based architects, Hulme Upright Manning.

It was constructed by GB Building Solutions Limited. 700 jobs were generated on site during the construction phase and 19 young people were taught construction skills.

The £18 million scheme has received investment of £7,292,500 through the government’s Homes and Communities Agency. Other funding has included £1,500,000 from Stoke on Trent City Council, £500,000 from RENEW and £11,100 from the Carbon Trust. The remaining costs have been met by Staffordshire Housing Association.

West End Village is built on the former site of the Bilton pottery works which had been derelict for several years.

The village has 100 apartments ““ 80 for rent and 20 for sale ““ and boasts a range of high specification communal facilities including a restaurant, lounge bar, coffee bar, unisex hair salon, gym, therapy suite and a general store.

Staffordshire Housing Association pioneered the “village living” concept for older people at Bradeley, Stoke-on-Trent, in the 1990s, and now have four high quality villages for residents to choose from.

“West End Village makes a significant contribution to the regeneration of Stoke town, with high quality accommodation for older people.

Residents of the village live independently in their own apartments while enjoying top class communal facilities.

They also have the assurance that care and support services are available at the village 24 hours a day ““ catering for residents’ changing needs.”

Tristram Hunt, MP for Stoke-on-Trent Central, praised the developers of the new extra care village for putting residents’ needs at the heart of the project.

“I welcome the opening of this new development as part of the regeneration of Stoke town. I am very pleased that Staffordshire Housing Association has put the needs of their residents at the heart of the project. The development has been designed with community space in mind and I am encouraged it will allow residents to maintain their independence and access the relevant care should they need it.”

A time capsule was buried on the site during construction containing items suggested by children from nearby Stoke Minster Primary School including an MP3 player, a recipe for Staffordshire oatcakes and a 2010 shopping list.

Residents Have Their Say On Improvements To City Community

Families are being given the chance to have their say about the future of their community.

A series of consultation events are being held by Staffordshire Housing Association (SHA) and its partners who are working to regenerate Fegg Hayes, a former mining village in the north of Stoke-on-Trent.

SHA, in partnership with Renew North Staffordshire and developer Keepmoat, has cleared 61 derelict homes in the village.

Now local residents are being asked what should be put in their place.

Local people have been given six weeks to have their say from the start of September.

The consultation kicked off with an open day at the Whitfield Valley Centre, Fegg Hayes, on 1 September.

“It is vital that local people have their say on what happens next. There will be six open days in all, and staff will also be visiting residents’ homes to make sure as many people as possible are given the opportunity to select their preferred option.

“Residents have worked hard to improve the village already, and this is a fantastic opportunity for us to work together to make Fegg Hayes a great neighbourhood.”

The consultation is the start of the latest in a series of regeneration projects in Fegg Hayes, which have included new boundary walls to several streets, facelifts and refurbishments on existing homes, tidy garden schemes and a range of community initiatives.

West End Village

By Mike Rawlins

This morning I was invited to the ‘start on site’ presentations by Staffordshire Housing Association.  The presentations mark the official start to the building work on the new ‘Extra Care’ housing village on London Road in Stoke.

West End Village will, once completed comprise of 100 apartments for sale and to rent by people over 55 years of age.  The village will also have a number of other facilities such as, a restaurant, bar, gym with therapy suite and a hairdressing salon.  All these facilities will be designed and built with the over 55s in mind.

The village will have apartments for both sale and rental and provide flexiable care and soport from on site staff as and when residents need it.  This is an ideal system for independent people who want to live in their own homes but need an extra bit of help every now and then, rather than a regular visit from a carer.

Speakers included:

Diana Lea Chief Executive of Staffordshire Housing Association

Paul Spooner Regional Director Homes & Communities Agency

Barry Pitts Business Development Director Staffordshire Housing Association

Ray Johnson who gave an insight in to the history of London Road and the posters promoting the village with his Ode to London Road.

To finish the presentations there was a video of work by local artists Rob Pointon and Karen Sayle who are making an animated film of the building work. Once the village is complete the animation will be made in to a DVD.

The site on London Road will integrate with the local community and share some of its resources. It is hoped that the development will become the catalyst for the regeneration of Stoke town.  The village is a £16 million partnership project funded by Staffordshire Housing Association, Stoke-on-Trent City Council, the Homes & Communities Agency and RENEW North Staffordshire.


sha-4-cm-high-72-dpiToday’s report in the local paper suggests that Taxpayers are footing the bill for an Extracare Village in Stoke. The truth is more complicated than that, and it’s actually a good news story.

The truth is that the Council have agreed additional funding to support this much-needed Extracare Village, being built by Staffordshire Housing Association in conjunction with a number of partners including the Homes & Communities Agency, Stoke on Trent City Council, RENEW, and the Carbon Trust.

The scheme, which will house 100 apartments for people over 55, with varying degrees of support needs, will also provide facilities such as a restaurant, hobbies rooms, gym, laundry, and therapy suite.

West End Village is a larger model of the highly successful and recently completed Rowan Village in Meir, also built and owned by Staffordshire Housing Association. Some of the facilities at West End Village will also be used by older people in the local community

Yesterday’s decision by the EMB to provide additional funding is a very positive story, and the contribution shows great partnership working.

We at Pits n Pots fail to see how this can be anything but good news for the residents of this city, who will benefit from much improved living facilities. At a time in their lives when Extra Care is needed, Staffordshire Housing Association, the City Council, RENEW, the Homes and Communities Agency and the Carbon Trust are all ensuring that this Extra Care is available to residents in Stoke on Trent. How can this be a bad thing?