Norsheen Bhatti Statement On The National Front.

Commenting on the news that the National Front, the BNP and an Independent BNP are all to contest Stoke Central at the general Election, Conservative Parliamentary Spokesman Norsheen Bhatti said,

“It is deeply worrying that so many extremist parties are targeting the people of Stoke. Stoke residents want an MP who will work for everyone to make our city a better for everyone, not someone who will look to divide and demonise some of its residents.

It doesn’t matter what they are called, these parties are nasty, racist and abhorrent and I am sure that the people of Stoke have too much common sense to be taken in by their smears and lies.

I hope all the other political parties will join me in campaigning hard to show local people that there is a reason to vote for a mainstream party at this election. Racism is nasty whatever the name of the party who peddle it and there is nothing British about the BNP.”