Volunteering For The 2012 Olympics

From this morning people who are interested in volunteering to help at the 2012 Olympics can register on-line.

The 2012 organisers are looking to general & specialist volunteers across many roles during the games. Use the link below to have a look at the roles and what you could offer. This is a once in a lifetime event that you could be part of.

Lets Make This The Most Accountable General Election Ever

Democracy Club is a new, independent network of volunteers who want to help internet-savvy transparency groups like mySociety and Thee Straight Choice to hold election candidates and representatives to account. Both of these organisations endorse this project. If you sign up, they will (in time) suggest ways you might want to help them.

When you sign up, representatives of these organisations will occasionally suggest tasks by email, such as gathering information on general election candidates or finding and sharing election leaflets, to help them build awesome sites that will make the next election the most transparent ever. They’ll also help you to collaborate with other volunteers in your area.

If you are serious about wanting to make changes then I suggest that you sign up for this and help make the candidates accountable.

Use the links below to sign up.